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Services: How Does SEO with Web Design Work?

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  • Keyword selection, research, and testing

  • The single most important SEO practice is choosing and researching the correct keywords. Use Google Adwords keyword tool to gauge your industry’s keyword competition and test the effectiveness in looking at web page analytics reports.

  • Meta Description tags

  • The 156 character write up that is displayed underneath the listing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This content needs to be engaging and get the web searcher to click onto the site.

  • ALT tags

  • This is what search engines read when they cross over an image or graphic. These should be tagged with a focus keyword pertaining to the page and contain keywords as well.

  • URL structure 

  • Having a clean concise URL (name of website) with a keyword or geography can greatly increase SEO search ranking.

  • H1 tags

  • Every page should have a title consistent to the information on the page. This title should stand out on the page and be a focus keyword.

  • Keyword density

  • A site rich with specific keywords tailored to your business services will help a site rank higher when someone is searching for your keyword.

  • Content

  • The content laid out on your website is clear, concise, rich and engaging you will be rewarded. SERP’s can read too. If you engage the SERP’s they reward you with higher rankings.

  • Page Structure

  • Headings and sub headings mixed in with a lot of text content and images is key. You can't just jam words on a page though. There needs to be some structure to it all.

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